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Tony Guerrero &


A tribute to the

West Coast Jazz

movement of the 1950s


Being a jazz musician who was born and raised in Southern California, I've always felt a certain draw towards the West Coast Jazz movement of the 1950s & 60s. Back then, artists like Chet Baker, Shorty Rogers, Gerry Mulligan, Howard Rumsey & The Lighthouse All-Stars and many more were creating music that matched California's laid-back, breezy beach attitude. While it ignited a small East/West war among jazz critics and some musicians and fans, there's no denying there was some terrific playing being done on this side of the country, and the music they made has endured over the years.


I started this band, West Coast Sound, to pay homage to that era and to get a chance to play great music with some truly stellar musicians. We invite you to grab your flip-flops and maybe something cool to drink, head down towards the beach with the top down, and sit back on your beach chair. And dig the sounds of the Coast...

- Tony Guerrero

Check out our album below!

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